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Online bomb games

Retro chain reaction - chain reaction game
Retro chain reaction
Blow up mines, create the biggest chain reactions to get more points.
Captain Biceps: Pluie de bombes - cartoon game
Captain Biceps: Pluie de bombes
Bombs are going to be dropped by a villain from the sky, so your duty is to grab them, getting points in return for each one.
Go pop off - bubbles game
Go pop off
Clear the area of bubbles by planting bombs and starting chain reactions.
Baby boom 2 - bounce game
Baby boom 2
You must not kill baby with bombs
Run Saddam - bomb game
Run Saddam
Your mission in this fun "frogger like" game is to help Saddam Hussein to collect hidden nukes (black ones) and destroy the world.
Pirates & cannons - canon game
Pirates & cannons
From the world's most dangerous seas calm the craziest and crafty pirates of them all; and they landed on an island full of resources and plan to take it over.
Wacky pirate - pirate game
Wacky pirate
Destroy the cargo ships and help the pirate Cabra Macho recover his big fortune.
UFO and crazy monsters - matching game
UFO and crazy monsters
You have to remove the monster, in order to keep the UFOs away from them.
Playing with fire - fire game
Playing with fire
Excellent remake of Bomberman. Multiplayer. Bomb your enemies! Blow up your opponents before they kill you, you only have 2 minutes to do this so don't hang around!
The crazy Christmas - bomb game
The crazy Christmas
Help Santa restore order to the North Pole. The elves have revolted and taken all the children's toys for themselves.
Battle gear - action game
Battle gear
 Rewrite history and conquer the world with either the USA, Russia or China.
Cave copter - bomb game
Cave copter
Fly your helicopter through an endless cave network while avoiding missile strikes, the longer you survive the better your score!
Rubble trouble Moscow - bomb game
Rubble trouble Moscow
Demolish using new tools and avoid hazards in winter wonderland, Moscow!
Vintage connect - matching game
Vintage connect
This is a classic items connecting Board Game. In this game you need to clear the board by connecting identical item pairs.
Shot firer - mine game
Shot firer
Use TNT to blow up walls & the ground to reach all diamonds. Blow up monsters with timed explosions.
Pirate wars - bomb game
Pirate wars
Place mines in the water from your pirate ship as you try to blow up your enemy in Bombman.
Marine bombs - bomb game
Marine bombs
Dodge the falling bombs and don't get hit even once or your dead.
Penguin dive - bomb game
Penguin dive
Help the penguin collect for as many fish as you can.
S.W.A.T. tank - bomb game
S.W.A.T. tank
The military experts have invented new type of weapon - light single tank for S.W.A.T. forces to fight against this scourge.
Roly poly cannon 2. - canon game
Roly poly cannon 2. Use your cannon to eliminate all of the evil Roly Poly creatures, but spare the friendly ones.
Bomb it 6. - bomb game
Bomb it 6.
Place bombs and attempt to blow up all of your opponents in each level.
Bomb it kart racer - bomb game
Bomb it kart racer
Race your bumper car to the finish, but don’t expect the competition to play nice…
Bomb it - bomb game
Bomb it
The classic bomber man game has got a new look and more exciting characters to choose from.
Bomb it 3. - bomb game
Bomb it 3.
Bomb and blast your enemies to smithereens!
Bomb it 4. - bomb game
Bomb it 4.
You're the master of your own gaming experience in this better-than-ever sequel.
Playing with fire 2. - bomb game
Playing with fire 2.
Select the number of players and level to start the game. Blow up your opponents using bombs before they manage to kill you.
Bomb it 7. - bomb game
Bomb it 7.
Awesome bomb it squeal. New maps, skill, weapons, and power ups. Defend your homeland from villains, advance through the stages, and complete missions.
Mahzoong - matching game
The goal is to eliminate all blocks from the board. Playing this game is very easy and fun. You can eliminate only paired free blocks.
Time chaos - army game
Time chaos
 is a fun action game based on the old monochrome GameBoy games from the 90s. Play as a secret agent and fight in three missions taking out all the bad guys you can manage.
Minefield racing - balance game
Minefield racing
 New free driving online game - Your powerful military Hummer is at the rear of the enemies.
Super sloth bomber - balloon game
Super sloth bomber
The island of Bombolia has been invaded! Bizarre creatures from a beached cargo ship are running wild and causing all sorts of havoc!
Santa level pack - balloon game
Santa level pack
Play with Santa and help him jump on bombs, get rid of deers to unlock the exit.
Pirate mayhem - boat game
Pirate mayhem
A fun shooting gallery with a pirates theme. Shoot the pirates and skeletons on the ship, throw bombs and avoid bullets.
Megabomber - bomb game
Plant a bomb and destroy the blocks and enemies each level.
Red plane 2. - bomb game
Red plane 2.
is a mid air jet flying and fighting game. Destroy all the enemy units and bosses that try to stop you.
Sky anger - bomb game
Sky anger
Flying over the snow-covered forest somewhere in the Arctic Circle, you fought with the remnants of the Nazi army.
Bomb a guy - bomb game
Bomb a guy
The poor guy is locked up in some crazy experiment and you have to dodge all the explosive bombs to help him stay alive!
Supa supa - bomb game
Supa supa
is a shooting game where you need to shoot the incoming bombs to gain score.
Click a brick - bomb game
Click a brick
Make chain reactions of bombs to break the bricks!



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