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Online cake games

Canon little red riding hood - cake game
Canon little red riding hood
Get as much cake as you want.
Super delicious cake - cake game
Super delicious cake
You are a famous cake maker. You are creative and your cake is particular.
Cake lots - matching game
Cake lots
This is simple yet challenging matching game with a twist. There would be 5 queues of the cake. You can collect cakes by arranging a row of 3 similar cakes.
Cakes block collapse - matching game
Cakes block collapse
is a block removing board game. Collapse the block by clicking the group of horizontally or vertically connected same type cakes.
Halloween spooky pancakes - cooking game
Halloween spooky pancakes
Halloween is by far sweet Lizzie's top favorite holiday and she usually gets ready to welcome it long, long time in advance!
Cake Lover: The Way You Love It! - business game
Cake Lover: The Way You Love It!
Prepare and sell cakes, learn new recipes and buy upgrades with the money you are making.



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