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Crusade 2 - players pack - castle game
Crusade 2 - players pack
Physics "Break castle" game. Clear Europe from the invasion of monsters... Beautiful graphics.
Crusade 3 - castle game
Crusade 3
Physics "Break castle" game! Clear USA from the invasion of monsters... Beautiful graphics.
Acrobat smasher - circus game
Acrobat smashers
Launch the ball characters into structures and mimes to take them out. Don't run out of shots!
Canon games
Froggy cupcakes
Feed the hungry frog with cupcakes! Use mouse to aim and launch the cupcakes.
Canon game
Santa's candy
Help Santa shoot the matching color candies!
Canon game
Tom and Jerry iceballs
In this game, Jerry need your help, because Tom and his friend captured him and will throw it as far.
Canon game
Uncle Weird cannon
Uncle weird drove his cannon to a very strange world where there are many kinds of monsters. What will happen to uncle weird?
Cannon game
Flying penguins
World's first ever Flying Penguins? The aim of the game is to let a penguin fly as far as you can.
Canon game
Canoniac launcher xmas
Use cannons, weapons, upgrades and bombs to launch yourself as far as you can.
Basket balls - canon game
Basket balls
Throw basketballs into the basket as fast as you can. You need to score in every basket to finish a level.
Politricks - canon game
Mr. President is on the mission to deal with the US national debt once and for all. Help him to save the country from going bunkrupt!
Mushroom cannon - canon game
Mushroom cannon
Shoot the mushrooms in the physics world as you try to get 1 mushroom in each bucket.
Mushroom cannon 2. - canon game
Mushroom cannon 2.
Shoot your unlimited mushrooms as you try to get 1 on each bucket. Not much physics.
Private hardman - canon game
Private Hardman
Play as Private Hardman and protect your base from infiltrators. Collect ammo that falls from the sky.
Substitute - canon game
During World War III, the United States was creating a powerful biological bomb that resulted in the mutation of a lot of creatures.
Kill the wabbits - Winter edition - canon game
Kill the wabbits - Winter edition
Fire your explosive cannonballs and get them to roll just right down the rabbit holes.
Waves of the undead - canon game
Waves of the undead
is a fast paced turret defence game. Your lone objective is to stay alive, ha ha ha ha, stay alive.
Sandcastle: ancient invasion - canon game
Sandcastle: ancient invasion
Defend your kingdom from the invading mythological ships! Collect coins to buy bananas, plasticine and other crazy weapons.
Da Vinci cannon 2 - castle game
Da Vinci cannon 2
Determine the angle and power of your shots, as well as the types of projectiles to eliminate the baddies within each structure.
Mushroom cannon 3. - canon game
Mushroom cannon 3.
Simply move mouse to adjust the angle and power of your cannon, then click to fire the mushroom. Shoot mushrooms into each bucket to complete the level.
S.W.A.T. tank - canon game
S.W.A.T. tank
The military experts have invented new type of weapon - light single tank for S.W.A.T. forces to fight against this scourge.
Roly poly cannon 2. - canon game
Roly poly cannon 2. Use your cannon to eliminate all of the evil Roly Poly creatures, but spare the friendly ones.
Crusade - canon game
Make your way across the world taking over all the forts you can. Use your cannon to blast down the enemy forts and beat the levels.
Canon basketball 2. - canon game
Canon basketball 2.
The game combines classic cannon play with competetive puzzles to give you the challenge you've never faced thus far.
Canon little red riding hood - canon game
Canon little red riding hood
Get as much cake as you want.
Crusade V. - canon game
Crusade V.
Clear Europe from the invasion of monsters!!! Crush castle game.
Sand castle game - canon game
Sand castle game
Throw everything into the defense of your castle...even tennis balls.
Fruit farm shooting - fruit game
Fruit farm shooting
A skill based shooting game in which you need to collect all the fruits showing on the screen. You can shoot the axe using mouse left button.
Pirates & cannons - canon game
Pirates & cannons
From the world's most dangerous seas calm the craziest and crafty pirates of them all; and they landed on an island full of resources and plan to take it over.
Oh no, cowboy vampires - canon game
Oh no, cowboy vampires
A humorous tower defense game with the weirdest creeps. Build a maze of towers.
Chick cannon - cannon game
Chick cannon
A physics based puzzle game. Put the chick into the coop by firing rocks.
Tea party - canon game
Tea party
Manage the sugar-shooting cannon to get into the cup. Try to use the smallest number of shots you can.
Save the birds - canon game
Save the birds
Those birds are so hungry and have no power to fly, can you shoot foods to them to save them?
Big block's battle - canon game
Big block's battle
Blast the nasty blue blocks out of the picture without harming the green blocks.
Cannon defense American civil war edition - canon game
Cannon defense American civil war edition
Great 3D game where you find yourself in the American Civil War. Your task will be to control the gun and fire on arriving enemies.
Caribbean admiral - canon game
Caribbean admiral
Rebuild a powerful fleet and rescue your little pirate sister after she was kidnapped during strange encounter with a powerful ghost ship, which appeared from thin air out of the fog!
Awesome pirates - canon game
Awesome pirates
Awesome pirates are at it again, searching for treasures all over the sea! Now they’ve stumbled upon your beautiful island and want to screw it up with their shovels big time.
Turn based marine wars - canon game
Turn based marine wars
A fantastic turn based shooting game with 1 player and 2 player options. This is a shooting game based on angles.
Blackbeards assault - canon games
Blackbeards assault
Shoot the balls with other similarly colored balls to make them disappear before they reach the end.
Canoniac launcher - canon games
Canoniac launcher
Launch your mannequin as far as you can. Earn cash, purchase upgrades and try again to reach even greater distances.
Dry fire reloaded - canon game
Dry fire reloaded
Use your cannon to annihilate wave after wave of stickman onslaught, changing your cannon's aura to that of incoming enemies to destroy them.
Bubble shooter Archibald the pirate - pirate game
Bubble shooter Archibald the pirate
Help Archibald find treasures. Shoot your cannons and hit groups of 3 or more matching bubbles to make them pop.
Pirate launch - pirate game
Pirate launch
Use the cannon to launch the pirate through the air and try to get as far as you can. The farther you go the more money you’ll earn.
Kill skeleton - skeleton game
Kill a skeleton
Fire limited shots to cause enough damage to the hanging skeleton. Make him fall for more damage.
The crazy Christmas - bomb game
The crazy Christmas
Help Santa restore order to the North Pole. The elves have revolted and taken all the children's toys for themselves.
Air raider - aircraft game
Air raider
Try to shoot down as many planes as you can before you run out of ammunition. Use the left and right arrow keys to move the anti aircraft gun. Press the space bar to fire.
Air battle 2. - army game
Air battle 2.
Your mission is to move through the air in order to take up all golden coins while shooting cannon balls to pop enemy air battlers balloons.
Canon pop blitz - balloon game
Canon pop blitz
Pop balloons as fast as you can in this fast arcade game!
Sandcastle - boat game
A fun mix of strategy and shooting in this medieval defense game. Defend your city from the invading ships, use different types of ammo and hit them!
Cannon blast - boat game
Cannon blast
Burn your cannons rope and watch it shoot down those ships.
XD defender - bubbles game
XD defender
Fast balloon shooting game! Defend your land from evil balloons! Receive a special reward upon success!
Master of fortresses - building game
Master of fortresses
Build up defenses with walls, soldiers, and cannons and prepare for varying waves of difficulty.
Spatial defense - canon game
Spatial defense
Do not let the enemies collide with your ship, upgrade your weapons and destroy them all.



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