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Online frog games

Frog games
Froggy jumps
This leggy froggy is no doubt the most enthusiastic little mathematician on the lake!
Frog games
Grey treefrog jigsaw puzzle
If you just want to sit back and do something relaxing, or simply enjoy Jigsaw Puzzles, then this game is perfect for you.
Frog game
Fly catcher
Fly catched is based on a frog which is hungry and there are plenty of flies scattered around to get him fed.
Frog games
Froggy cupcakes
Feed the hungry frog with cupcakes! Use mouse to aim and launch the cupcakes.
Frog game
Frog boxes
Your job is to create more boxes than the PC. Each box is built from 4 matchsticks, if you put the fourth stick, the box will be yours.
Frog game
Break your way through 20 levels worth of targets in this Puzzle Bobble / Peggle style game.
Kvakvapark - frog game
You and the frogs Kulikvak and Kvakulína race in sliding a toboggan.
Prince shop - frog game
Prince shop
If your prince was turned into a frog, do not waste a moment to visit the Prince Shop!
Escape giant frog - escape game
Escape giant frog
This game is based on the movie The Jungle Book. In this game someone trapped the Mowgli deep inside the forest.



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