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Online ghost games

Quest in the dark - ghost game
Quest in the dark
Can you unfold the mystery that lies in this mansion by collecting the items that is hidden inside each rooms? Just follow your instincts.
The witch house escape - ghost game
The witch house escape
Today is Halloween day The Witch is missing her daughter to help find her daughter.
Scooby Doo ghost in the cellar - ghost game
Scooby Doo ghost in the cellar
Scooby and Shaggy are hiding in the cellar. Dress them up to blend in when the ghost comes by.
Baby bathing game for little kids - ghost game
Baby bathing game for little kids
Lovely babies always love bathing after the busy days. But it's really not easy to bath babies for their parents.
Haunt the house - ghost game
Haunt the house
Possess items around the house and scare everyone out! The more you scare, the more powerful you become.
Halloween candy - ghost game
Halloween candy
Match 3 or more of the Halloween symbols. Drop candy corn off the screen to progress to new levels.
Evilgeddon spooky max - ghost game
Evilgeddon spooky max
The world is conquered by chaotic creatures of the Netherworld and no one ever dared to fight back.
Josh Tam mysteries G1 - house of the green - ghost game
Josh Tam mysteries G1 - house of the green
Josh Tam goes on a mission to uncover the answers behind the hauntings and disappearances behind the mysteries of the house of the green.
Phantom bowls - ghost game
Phantom bowls
A game of bowling ghost.
Halloween survivor - ghost game
Halloween survivor
It's Halloween and crazy pumpkins are starting to get really crazy. Survive for as long as you can in alone, with pumpkins running around.
The ghost pub - beer game
The ghost pub
Choose the right coloured drink for your customers.
Vampire facial makeover - vampire game
Vampire facial makeover
Our gorgeous girl here has decided: she will flaunt a drop-dead gorgeous vampire costume on the creepiest night of the year, but it seems she needs some professional advices.
Lightmare - vampire game
A top-down puzzle game, Lightmare follows the story of a vampires who must navigate the halls of an abandoned mansion.
Skelly vs. Undead - skeleton game
Skelly vs. Undead
If there's one thing Skelly can't stand, it's a bunch of disrespectful undead invading his beautiful graveyard. Why can't they just rest in peace?
Four Princesses of King Zentibold - bow game
Four Princesses of King Zentibold
Match 3 of the same fighters to unleash hell upon your enemies. Use warriors, archers, mages, paladins and many more to prevail!
Pumpkin dash - candy game
Pumpkin dash
Collect all the candies and avoid touching the other objects. You can collect the witch's hat for a random power ups.



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