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Pirates of the Caribbean ship escape - escape game
Pirates of the Caribbean ship escape
In this game, unfortunately you are trapped inside a Caribbean Ship. Pirates are sleeping now and they will awake in few minutes.
Pirates and treasures - treasure games
Pirates and treasures
As a notorious pirate captain, you will travel the seven seas and you must win different challenges to retrieve the treasure from Captain Corpse.
Toast bear in pirate land - adventure game
Toast bear in pirate land
Platform game with a bear that loves toasts and hates pirates.
Cursed winds hd eng - boat game
Cursed winds hd eng
is a Ship Cannon Shooting and Fighting Game. You are best and last of your countries sea defense. You have to take on your enemies full fleet of Naval Ships.
Pirate mayhem - boat game
Pirate mayhem
A fun shooting gallery with a pirates theme. Shoot the pirates and skeletons on the ship, throw bombs and avoid bullets.
Cannon blast - boat game
Cannon blast
Burn your cannons rope and watch it shoot down those ships.
Cap'n Marcela parrott charmer - pirate game
Cap'n Marcela parrott charmer
Cap'n Marcela, the smartest pirate in the Caribbean is facing danger when Evil Puffy shirt Morgan is about to destroy her village.
Pirates of the Caribbean - Cursed cave crusade - pirate game
Pirates of the Caribbean - Cursed cave crusade
Make your way through Barbossa's treacherous hideout and save Elizabeth Swann.
Stick beard - pirate game
Stick beard
Take yourself on a fun click adventure! Navigate and select your path as our hero Stick Beard to find that treasure booty!
Pirate lunch - pirate game
Pirate lunch
You're a pirate who has lost his ship. And what's a pirate without a ship?
Pirates & cannons - canon game
Pirates & cannons
From the world's most dangerous seas calm the craziest and crafty pirates of them all; and they landed on an island full of resources and plan to take it over.
Super pirate adventure - pirate game
Super pirate adventure
is an adventure physic-based bow and arrow game. Your mission in the game is to kill all the Enemies with dynamites, Guns and bow and arrow.
Pirate symbols - pirate game
Pirate symbols
Hooray girls! This is the perfect day ever! Tonight there will be a Pirate Themed party here and we're so ready for it.
Pirate run away - pirate game
Pirate run away
A young sailor needs to escape a chasing pirate after discovering a great treasure on a remote island. In order to reach safe to his ship the boy needs to run as fast as he can.
Merchant of Pasai - pirate game
Merchant of Pasai
Chanz ia a merchant who wanted to expand his business in Pasai Archipelago. Help Chanz run his business!
Rescue the pirates - pirate game
Rescue the pirates
You and your friend are the best pirates in your group. You never failed on any attacks and robs ships at sea. One day...
Sink my treasure - pirate game
Sink my treasure
Grab onto objects to cause physical reactions that get the treasure chest to drop into the water.
Pang pirate - pirate game
Pang pirate
Something Suddenly out of nowhere a ball storm hit the Pirate Fleet. So drop your rum and grab the hooks we have a deck to clear.
Walk the plank - pirate game
Walk the plank
In this game we have a real game-playing experience for all of you puzzle game lovers, let’s get to the real point as some sort of rebellion is already taking place on the ship full of pirates, so here you come in role!
Pirate treasure hunt - pirate game
Pirate treasure hunt
Control your smiley pirate as you push planks & click to break glass to get to the treasure.
Bubble shooter Archibald the pirate - pirate game
Bubble shooter Archibald the pirate
Help Archibald find treasures. Shoot your cannons and hit groups of 3 or more matching bubbles to make them pop.
Wacky pirate - pirate game
Wacky pirate
Destroy the cargo ships and help the pirate Cabra Macho recover his big fortune.
Pirate girl makeover - pirate game
Pirate girl makeover
Turn this pirate girl into a modern 21th century fashion diva with our latest makeover studio game! All you have to do is follow 3 easy steps.
Frozen island - pirate game
Frozen islands
An angry ice giant attacked our peaceful islands this morning. All villagers were frozen. We will not sit idly by!
One piece - path to pirate king - pirate game
One piece - path to pirate king
Fight off groups of enemies & combat bosses. Break barrels open to find goodies.
Flying ship escape - pirate game
Flying ship escape
Hackers trapped the pilot inside the flying ship. You are an intelligent traveler inside the flying ship try to help pilot by finding clues and get his marriage ring and treasurer map.
Feed us - pirates - pirate game
Feed us - pirates
Argh!! The Pirates have invaded the shores! Our little piranha friend is back again, in a buccaneer adventure!
Siege hero: pirate pillage - pirate game
Siege hero: pirate pillage
Hero's Wanted!! Use strategy and precise aim to tumble down the Pirate ships, pillage the caves full of gold and free the Oppressed!
Shore siege 2. - pirate game
Shore siege 2.
Monsters are after your treasure! But you need that treasure for more Rum! Set up defences and protect your precious gold in this fun strategy defence game.
Zombudoy 3 pirates - pirate game
Zombudoy 3 pirates
Zombudoy is back! and now you got to deal with some serious pirates! over 50 weapons to be unlocked.
Scooby Doo pirate ship of fools - pirate game
Scooby Doo pirate ship of fools
Watch the scenes for valuable clues and collect inventory items to help Scooby and Shaggy in their quest.
Pirate seafood restaurant - pirate game
Pirate seafood restaurant
On pirate seafood restaurant you have to server preferred seafood to all the beautiful girls in the boat.
Foxy sniper - pirate shootout - pirate game
Foxy sniper - pirate shootout
Blast some pirate heads open as they attempt to hold our oil captain hostage. Time to snipe!
Pirate baby - pirate game
Pirate baby
Who says a girl cannot be a pirate? This baby will be the most dangerous and perfect pirate ever, you'll see and don't let her cute look deceive you!
Pirate launch - pirate game
Pirate launch
Use the cannon to launch the pirate through the air and try to get as far as you can. The farther you go the more money you’ll earn.
Scooby Doo's pirate pie toss - pirate game
Scooby Doo's pirate pie toss
Pirates are after Scooby-Doos secret snack treasure. Throw pies at the pirates and help Scooby and Shaggy keep them away.
Pirate and mermaid wedding - pirate game
Pirate and mermaid wedding
Do you remember the love story between a handsome pirate and beautiful mermaid. It's a really a happy day of them : their wedding day.
Cake pirate - pirate game
Cake pirate
Place your towers and upgrade them with elements to change how they damage the enemy.
Epic time pirates - boat game
Epic time pirates
Lead a group of time-travelling pirates and shoot your way through 20 action-packed missions in this arena-based shooter.
Pirates revenge - casino game
Pirates revenge
is a casino game whose goal is to succeed in aligning between 2 and 3 identical symbols to win coins, raise money and keep playing.



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