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Sniper operation 2. - sniper game
Sniper operation 2.
You have new mission to accomplish. Zoom out the hideout areas and shoot all the enemies.
Foxy sniper - pirate shootout - pirate game
Foxy sniper - pirate shootout
Blast some pirate heads open as they attempt to hold our oil captain hostage. Time to snipe!
Stick squad - sniper game
Stick squad
is a shooter game with awesome sniping missions. The game features an appealing story line, with our two anti-heroes Damien Walker (Recruit Tactical Sniper) & Ron Hawkins (Veteran assault specialist).
Strike force heroes 1. - strategy game
Strike force heroes 1.
is the speed up version in which you can enjoy 127 blood. You can upgrade just by reaching level 1 experience.
The sniper - sniper game
The sniper
Snipe an entire map as you zoom in and find the enemies and blast them away with your sniper rifle.
The sniper 2. - sniper game
The sniper 2.
June 1944 with their beachhead secured and forces replenished, the allies launch operation cobra - a bold plan to take Normandy.
Hitman mission pack - accuracy game
Hitman mission pack
6 levels of finding your target and shooting them with tactics. You'll need accuracy to finish.
The strangers 3 - Assault post - army game
The strangers 3 - Assault post
You have been called in by General Daniel to take out some hostile targets in enemy territory. You will have three weapons at your disposal…



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