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Online sword games

Legend of Johnny - skeleton game
Legend of Johnny Legend of Johnny is about girlfriend kidnapped by evil demons. Johnny has sold his soul for the strength to get her back.
Mighty night 2. - sword game
Mighty night 2.
The world needs your help and your power to fight the devil. Lend your hand and fight for the peace.
Dragon fist 2. - battle for the blade - 2 player game
Dragon fist 2. - battle for the blade
The Dragon Master is back, but this time he has brought with him the legendary and powerful Dragon Blade.
Jasksmith - fantasy game
Man the forge and craft your best weapons for your warriors in Jacksmith!
Warlords - call to arms - 2 player game
Warlords - call to arms
Send out your soldiers on the right paths so that they encounter enemy troops. Take over the map!
Double edged - 2 player game
Double edged
Co-op beat-em-up set in ancient Greece with huge mythical bosses.
Mighty knight - fighting game
Mighty knight
Thousand years ago before the age of zombies, there live heroes without the power of technology who fights against the Dark Order.
Warlords heroes - fighting game
Warlords heroes
Side scrolling fighting game based on the popular games Achilles and "Warlords: Call to Arms".
Turnaus - 2 player game
Your objective is to get into your opponent's castle by hitting him with your sword and smashing his door.
Call of sword - sword game
Call of sword
You are out on a quest to find the Leader's Sword to save the planet from extinction!
Tortuga siege - logic game
Tortuga siege
You have found the lost treasure and you need to protect it from the evil pirates.
Merchant of Pasai - pirate game
Merchant of Pasai
Chanz ia a merchant who wanted to expand his business in Pasai Archipelago. Help Chanz run his business!
Warlords 2 - Rise of demons - two player game
Warlords 2 - Rise of demons
is a fantasy strategy battle game and is the sequel to the highly popular Warlords: Call to Arms"
Red baron - fighting game
Red baron
Based on a game Deim Requiem and now tars in his own action beat-em-up game facing against enemies.
Fortress guardian 2. - fighting game
Fortress guardian 2.
Double the enemies, twice the adventure and two headed monsters everywhere! In the sequel to the epic 'Fortress Guardian' you'll face off against werewolves, ogres, flying ghouls and more!
Temple of Idosra - bow game
Temple of Idosra
Your objective is to help guide Marika through the temple. Find and destroy the monster engine, then make your escape!
Load up and kill - action game
Load up and kill
A quick game of finding out how to load the weapon and then killing the prisoner. Short, but gorey.
Gladiator combat arena - two player game
Gladiator combat arena
What about starting a peerless game with the warrior spirit heroes of the history? If you want, join the tournament with the powerful gladiators like Spartacus, Crixus, Varro, Marcus and survive!
Hands of war 2 expanded - bow game
Hands of war 2 expanded
The civil war has returned and the Heartstone is missing. Choose your side and battle your enemies on this epic quest to unite the broken shards of the Heartstone.
Sword quest adventure - castle game
Sword quest adventure
An evil dragon wizard has unleashed monsters on your town! It is up to you to find the 3 magic gems to get into the wizard's lair and defeat him!



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