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Online violence games


Whack your ex - action game
Whack your ex
They' re use to be soulmates but now they've broken up. Haunted by revenge fantasies?
Load up and kill - action game
Load up and kill
A quick game of finding out how to load the weapon and then killing the prisoner. Short, but gorey.
Strike force heroes 2 (official) - action game
Strike force heroes 2 (official)
Customize 5 unique soldiers with hundreds of weapons, attachments, armor upgrades and camouflages.
Trumps dart pain meter 2 - dart game
Trumps dart pain meter 2
This is a parody game only and should not be taken seriously.
Trumps dart pain meter - dart game
Trumps dart pain meter
Throw darts on our lovley Trump and see how many darts does it take to fill up the painmeter.



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