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fighting game
Priest vs evil
A crazy action game packed with holy retribution and gore galore!
fighting game
Soul of the katana
The objective of the game is to survive and take out all enemy units and bosses. Collect gold coins, for each 100 coins collected you gain an additional life.
fighting game
Young Lee
Needing to submit to his training, watches his master fall to the hands of the Dragon King. Journey on a quest of vengeance to get the dragon blood back and stop.
fighting game
Wrestling legends
Ultimate challenge for wrestling fans everywhere!
fighting game
You play as Spartacus, and as the legend says, your goal as a true warrior to fight for freedom!
fighting game
Street hooligans
In Street Hooligans, kill horde after horde of thugs and hooligans in every level of this nice flash game and score as many points as you can.
fighting game
High school wars
High School has always been tough. Now, throw in the fact that fighting between the gangs is okay and given permission. Out of 4 gangs, pick the one you want to control.
fighting games
Gangster life
The objective of the game is to finish all the missions and stay alive. You just escaped prison and want to make a name for yourself in the criminal world.
fighting game
Cops vs Supers
The populace have voted, and everyone is sick of the Superheroes doing what they please. It's time to take them down with the long arm of the law.
fighting games
Warrior quest
Classic fighting game in which you have to fight to the end in order to get the magical onyx of immortality.
fighting game
Pirates vs Ninja
We all love pirates and ninja games now we have the both of them in a single game Pirates vs Ninja. This is a sword fighting game in which you are a ninja but a drunken pirate as well.
Fighting game
Journey to the East
Jump into battle in Journey to the East. try to survive by killing enemies from all over the globe.
fighting game
The empires 2.
Your kingdom is under attack once again by a mighty foe, so it is down to you to build up your empire and defend your citizens from certain doom, death and destruction!
fighting game
Match 3 adventure
In this Anime-style puzzle game, you'll have to match up three or more blocks of the same color to clear the board and kill the baddies!
fighting game
Zombie warfare
Can you outlast the zombie onslaught?
fighting játékok
Ninja rampage
The best way to kill the guards is to wait until they have their backs turned on you, come up from behind and strike.
fighting game
Fat ninja
Play this addictive flash game and control the fat ninja to kill all the enemies through various challenging stages without getting spotted by security agents.
fighting game
Evil minion
You are an evil minion, your mission in life is to serve the evil king. He wants lots of children so that he can cook them for an upcoming feast.
Fighting game
Cadillacs and dinosaurs
This is a hardest fighter who has survived many fightings. Every fighting makes him more powerful!
Fighting game
Three Kingdoms
Huang Zhong (died 220) was a military general serving under the warlord Liu Bei during the late Han Dynasty period of Chinese history.
Fighting game
Build the ultimate deck and use it to challenge the six Cardian masters to exciting real time combat.
Fighting game
Talesworth arena
Fight against ever increasing enemies in this turn based card fighting game. Buy better attacks!
Lone faction 2. - fightings game
Lone faction 2.
Help Bionic escape from the facility that created him.
Stick trinity - fighting game
Stick trinity
3 Stick Characters to chose: Warrior, Assassin, Berserker. 7 Chapters, ton of guards. Katana, Spear, Wrist Sword, Flying daggers.
Bionoids - fighting game
In the turnbased strategy game Bionoids it is your task to defeat the enemy units each level.
Battle mania - fighting game
Battle mania
Remember the arrows and order the computer shows you then duplicate them exactly to win the battle.
Arcuz - fighting game
Hey little boy! Help Village Arcuz and train yourself to a real hero!
Monster craft - fighting game
Monster craft
Ever wanted to breed your very own army of monsters? Buy, train and cross different species and let them fight against others!
MapleStory - knights of Cygnus - fighting game
MapleStory - knights of Cygnus
Throw daggers & cast spells to keep the skeleton monsters at bay for as long as possible.
Darkness Springs - haunted prison colony - fighting game
Darkness Springs - haunted prison colony
Click around the world to move and go on side missions as you the fight skeleton armies.
Jim the worm - fighting game
Jim the worm
World is filled with horror! Birds everywhere! Worms dying!
Collector - new order - fighting game
Collector - new order
A top-down shooter where you shoot the attacking bugs as you destroy their hives.
Fear unlimited - fighting game
Fear unlimited
An awesome flash action game with an impressive fighting styles and combos!
Batman brawl - fighting game
Batman brawl
You must help partners Batman and Green Arrow as they box against the greatest fighters in the Multiverse!
Naruto boxing championship - fighting game
Naruto boxing championship
Even if he took a lot of punches, he is not easy to beat.
World boxing tournament 3. - fighting game
World boxing tournament 3.
Its cool game play it boxes and more enjoy have fun!.
Punch Tom out - fighting game
Punch Tom out
Beat the crap out of Tom Fulp.
Wormland - fighting game
Burrow through the ground as you take out enemies, and their structures.
Dragon warrior - the dragon scroll - fighting game
Dragon warrior - the dragon scroll
Help the dragon warrior defeat the bandit army and get back his dragon scroll.
Zombie extreme shooting - fighting game
Zombie extreme shooting
Join now a brand new zombie game, one of the most addicting and entertaining, intense zombie-blasting action game play in one of the most addictive zombie survival games!
Sniper operation 2. - fighting game
Sniper operation 2.
You have new mission to accomplish. Zoom out the hideout areas and shoot all the enemies.
Mech combats - fighting games
Mech combats
Move your mech as you blast everything in your path. Whimpy mech can't even crush humans under foot.
Khan Kluay - kids war - fighting game
Khan Kluay - kids war
Send as many elephants as you can to your enemy's camp to win.
Swords and sandals 4. - fighting game
Swords and sandals 4. Up to four gladiators compete in a variety of minigames, adventures and battles set across an epic eight realms of danger and adventure.

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