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Online fruit games

The farmer - fruit game
The farmer
Everyday you have to manage your farm, plant some vegetable or fruit, or sell the chicken egg.
Dora strawberry world - fruit game
Dora strawberry world
Help Dora to collect all strawberry and find the hidden golden strawberry in every world!
Hungry worms - fruit game
Hungry worms
Match the food in hexagon shapes as you put preference on the ones that have numbers by them.
Fruit farm shooting - fruit game
Fruit farm shooting
A skill based shooting game in which you need to collect all the fruits showing on the screen. You can shoot the axe using mouse left button.
Bubble shooter fruits - fruit game
Bubble shooter fruits
You need to collect the fruits continuously to play it longer.
Juicy fruit match - matching game
Juicy fruit match
A simple and funny match 3 puzzle game in which you need to include all the tiles in the matches.
Connect puzzles - matching game
Connect puzzles
This is a classic items connecting Board Game. In this game you need to clear the board by connecting identical item pairs.
Fruit count math - math game
Fruit count math
In this game you need to count the fruits inside 2 boxes. With the counted numbers of both boxes, you have to solve the asked arithmetic problems.
Splendid fruits mahjong - mahjong game
Splendid fruits mahjong
The goal is to remove all blocks from the board. Playing this game is very easy and fun.
Cocktail master - beer game
Cocktail master
This beefy bartender is all brawn and no brains. Can you help him fill the long list of fruity drink orders?
Rescue Kiba - fruit game
Rescue Kiba
Kiba & Kumba, the popular monkey couple best known from KaiserGames games network ,are now finally starring in their own entire game!
Wanna oranges - fruit games
Wanna oranges
Roll the orange to the panda as you touch all the stars.
Bad ice cream - fruit game
Bad ice cream
Blow walls of ice to block enemies in this two player arcade game!
Snake fight arena - fruit game
Snake fight arena
For all those who really enjoyed playing as snakes and eating all kinds of fruits, well, this 2 players game is super improved and styled version of that all!
Kris mahjong 3. - fruit game
Kris mahjong 3.
Connect the two pictures by creating a path between them. Must remove all the tiles before time ends.
Super delicious cake - fruit game
Super delicious cake
You are a famous cake maker. You are creative and your cake is particular.
Epic fruit harvesting - matching game
Epic fruit harvesting
It is a endless game, so your goal is to be on the top of leader board.
Fruits match challenge - matching game
Fruits match challenge
Make Swaps of adjacent blocks to line up 3 or more of the same type of Fruits next to each other horizontally or vertically to make a match.
Unique fruits match - matching game
Unique fruits match
is a simple match 3 game with a twist. In this game instead of swapping, you need to move the fruits from on location to another blank location.
Fruit flip mahjongg - mahjong game
Fruit flip mahjongg
Flip the fruit and remove all tiles in this colorfull Mahjong game. In this game you need to flip tiles before you can remove them.
Thanksgiving fruits forest escape - escape game
Thanksgiving fruits forest escape
In this game, you came to visit an fruits forest for you thanksgiving day. But unfortunately you missed the way of the forest. No one is there to help you.
Sweet fruity house - house game
Sweet fruity house
Welcome to the Fruit Manor! Everything here is related to yummy fruits! You could choose your favorite fruity house and decorate your room!
Trapped in a house - house game
Trapped in a house
Your goal is to collect apples and avoid dangerous attacks. Survive as long as you can.
Jungle monkey run - adrenaline game
Jungle monkey run
The aim of the game is to Run as fast as you can and try not to fall into the cracks! Collect bananas along the way to level up. Run, Avoid and See how high a score you can get in this fun game!
Fruits slices match - matching game
Fruits slices match
 is a fast paced matching game with an interesting challenge. You have to keep collecting the slices, in order to keep them away from cutters.
Frozen fruits - animal game
Frozen fruits
  It is fun and simple adventure game. Winter came and the little friend of our hero lost in the fabulous ice.
Fruit darts - bear game
Fruit darts
You're a crazy monkey throwing knives at your teddy bear assistant!
Kiwi - bird game
 You are a hungry kiwi that has to eat all the possible kiwis in the game.
Farm connect 1. - connect game
Farm connect 1.
Connect pairs of matching Fruit by creating a path between them. Clear all the Fruit before the time runs out.
Farm connect 2. - connect game
Farm connect 2.
Connect two of the same tiles by clicking on them. The tiles don't need to be adjacent, but the path connecting the two should not include more than two corners.



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