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Online princess games

Princess rush - princess game
Princess rush
You captured the princess to perform an ancient ritual; Hundred of heroes has come to save her...
Prince shop - princess game
Prince shop
If your prince was turned into a frog, do not waste a moment to visit the Prince Shop!
Barbie floral princess dress-up - princess game
Barbie floral princess dress-up
Dress up Barbie Princess in trendy Floral fashion style!
Nimble knight - princess game
Nimble knight
Move the stones of the castle and pave the way for the knight! Unusual stones, elevators, bars, saws, evil monsters, and deadly traps fill this world.
Lame castle - princess game
Lame castle
You are a knight who must pass all the obstacles to reach and rescue the princess.
Dragon princess - princess game
Dragon princess
Play as a fire mage who fights monsters and completes quests in a dungeon with the help of her friends.
Princess kissing - girl game
Princess kissing
The beautiful princess of this game has been invited to a fabulous ball in the castle. There are lots of charming princes and she wants to conquer them all!
The queen's spell disaster - witch game
The queen's spell disaster
The Queen's biggest desire is to become the most beautiful woman of all. But there is someone standing in her way and that is her step-daughter.
Halloween cupcake chef - cake game
Halloween cupcake chef
A beautiful princess will have a happy halloween decorating and enjoying a tasty halloween cupcake.
Frozen slot - casino game
Frozen slot
If you like slot games then come and play this game with us. Choose your lines and bet and try to collect as many points.
Elsa circus time - circus game
Elsa circus time
There will be plenty of fun activities in this Elsa circus game and she will be going with all her friends.
Cute princess coloring - coloring game
Cute princess coloring
Play this coloring game to design your own cute princess.
Forest princess - coloring game
Forest princess
Use mouse to give colors to this beautiful moment!



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