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Online rabbit games

Rabbit game
Rabbit catch fish
Cute rabbit wants a change of taste. Help him catch fish first and then push them to the cooking pot.
Drunken rabbit - rabbit game
Drunken rabbit
Collect all bottles and hide in the rabbit hole but be carefull around traps.
Acid bunny - rabbit game
Acid bunny
Help Acid Bunny put his friend back together after a rather horrific consequence of his latest flashback.
Baby Hazel pet care - rabbit game
Baby Hazel pet care
One day Baby Hazel finds a cute little rabbit in her garden. She takes the rabbit home and looks after him with love and care.
Flying rabbit - animal game
Flying rabbit
Time your jumps and landings just right so that you always land on vehicles. Watch out for birds!
Neon rabbits - adrenaline game
Neon rabbits
Neon Rabbits is fun and exciting game that requires you to save all the rabbits from falling. Each rabbit will give you a point. Have fun!
Panda rodeo - balance game
Panda rodeo
Use the left and right arrows to balance Rabbit on Pandas back. Watch out this Panda bucks.
Kill the wabbits - Winter edition - canon game
Kill the wabbits - Winter edition
Fire your explosive cannonballs and get them to roll just right down the rabbit holes.



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