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Online school games

School game
Math monster add/sub
A puzzle game where you need to solve the addition and subtraction puzzles to close the box of chocolates and scare off the monsters.
School games
School bus puzzle
This Bus-driver brings the children to the school every day! He loved to drive them!
School game
Hidden numbers at school
Old and new buildings of schools all over the world – that will be the pictures in this game!
School game
Dressup Dora for school
You should dress Dora The Explorer up. Dora is going at school first time and she wants to look like pretty.
School game
School jigsaw puzzle
This small boy is solves math problems for school. But your duty within this game is an additional.
School game
Monsters high backpack
If you cannot go the the Monster High School yourself, the closest thing that you can do is to make a backpack that is designed with the characters from this school.
School game
Detention slacking
Sarah got caught slacking in High School and as we all know that can only lead to one thing. Sarah’s been put into detention after school.
Math mahjong - matching game
Math mahjong
A combination of Math and popular chinese game Mahjong. In this game pair would be 2 equal values.
Math and match - math game
Math and match
In this game you need to select a number of blocks whose sums equal the given expression.
Letters connect deluxe - letter game
Letters connect deluxe
This is a word formation game where you need to connect letters in order to form a meaningful word.
Match and spell - letter game
Match and spell
First you must click groups of similar and adjacent blocks. Under the destroyed blocks you will find letters.
Magic school escape - escape game
Magic school escape
In this game, you came to visit the Magic School . But unfortunately you are trapped inside this fire cave.
Nums connect - math game
Nums connect
You have to connect Expressions in each tile at least once to finish a level. Try to make Expressions chains as long as possible to get best score.
Linking puzzles - number game
Linking puzzles
In this game you link all the numbers displayed in screen in a linked list manner. You start from smallest number and link up to the highest number in the screen.
Skyline maker - math game
Skyline maker
is a simple but addicting puzzle game. In it, you need to add and remove floors to make a building.
Fruits equations - math game
Fruits equations
 is a math puzzle game. In this game you need to find the values of some fruits by solving given equations. In the game, you will see a board.



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